4CM | We inspire, generate and promote social change.
Inspiramos, generamos y promovemos el cambio social. A través de video series temáticas y estrategias de comunicación, convocamos a los agentes más sobresalientes de hoy para en conjunto entregar a los change makers una completa asesoría, haciéndonos responsables de la creación, producción y difusión del contenido creado.
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We inspire, generate and promote social change

Through documentary series and communication strategies. We unite today’s most outstanding agents to together provide change makers complete guidance, assuming the responsibility of creating, producing and distributing the resulting content.

Putting Change makers at the center of media attention
¿Qué es un Doc?

What’s a “Doc”?

Docs are micro documentaries lasting between four and ten minutes. They show stories seeking to bring visibility to actors who rethink the way we live together and solve the problems our society has failed to see.
Their short duration makes them perfect for a variety of platforms and contexts.

¿Qué es un change maker?

What’s a “Change Maker”?

Change makers are individual or organizations driven by the motivation to improve their local community or society as a whole, using their ideas, the value of innovation, technology and businesses.
A change maker becomes part of the solution to problems affecting their surrounding with hopes of achieving a fairer, happier and more open-minded society.

Promoting social change

Our Team


Álvaro FaríasCo-Founder and CEO


Amaro Gomez-PablosCo-Founder


Sylvana SquicciariniCoordinator of Content and Production


Javiera Pérez RibaltaProject Manager


María Angélica RiquelmeHuman Resources


D4C Productions

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D4C also offers their production services for organizations and businesses.



Av. Bustamante 26, Providencia, Santiago.



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