there is something glorious about this one. Carolina Herrera ... Carolina Herrera 2-Pc. Good Girl Suprême was launched in 2020. I love the middle notes, but eventually the strength of the perfume gives me a headache. Whenever I smell this perfume, I get the feeling that it's Acqua di Gio's dark, seductive, evil twin. Nice floral scent but quite strong too. Cologne Gift Sets. I imagine a young lady (20 years old maybe) wearing a white dress, with her long wind blown hair, walking through a field of flowers in a sunny summer day. Definately a winter perfume, which lasts very long and a tiny drop is enough to make your clothes smell for long. Carolina Herrera perfumes and colognes are classic scents, and if you want your signature fragrance to be something timeless, you can't go wrong with this brand. Waaaay strong, tooooo strong for me! ---and it was because he was overwhelmed. Subscribe & Save; New Arrivals. Add to Wishlist Add to Compare Carolina Herrera. It is shortly joined by the tuberose which is so well done here that it has none of the attributes of tuberose when it is done wrong. Glorious! The only thing I appreciate about this scent is the huge silage (one of the best) and very good staying power. By browsing this website, It has a somewhat classic feel, very feminine but also quite powerful. good for people, like me, who like floral scents. Item# 32 reviews | Add Review Free Shipping (Orders Over $59.00) Herrera women Eau De Parfum. Picked up the latest formula at TJ Maxx the other day on the clearance rack and I must say it is still very good. Oh, how I feel sorry for that doctor. An utterly FANTASTIC tuberose! That must be ferromones in this parfume , that drives men crazy ;). It has a pencil skirt, peplum jacket and the mink collar is TO DIE FOR!!! Carolina Herrera is a rich, green tuberose fragrance. 32 reviews. Could it be I lucked out and my darling got me an original?!?! 4.2 / 5. This fragrance is otherwise a loud white floral with a more balanced tuberose then Fracas (which I can't stand). I recently rediscovered this one via a mini on Ebay. It never smells artificial, but always mesmerizing and grand. I heard this was Angelina Jolie's favorite scent for a while. I always get attention from men then I put it on . which reflects an intention to spend a night out, possibly dancing on someone that you want to leave your scent on, at least that is what my sister said when we sniffed it tonight. I can imagine it on a designer jean and stiletto heel clad Latina out for a day of shopping. Lots of civet backing up that tuberose and another accord (maybe the apricot or ylang?) Hubby gave me a bottle for our anniversary. I love it! As a tuberose lover, I’m not sure how this escaped my attention. Shop top brand name fragrances and skin care products at a great price. You're welcome! I'm a southern girl and I remember honeysuckle growing wild along dusty dirt roads and rolling hills with watermelons growing on them and cold Santa Fe orange sodas in sweaty glass bottles. On my skin, the dry down is similar to Chloe Narcisse, a bit more woody. woman and I did wear it when I was about 21. This has got to be some rich, lavish, powerful lady here! The notes to this are very simple: Jasmine, Tuberose, Sandal, Amber. Classic! I have a rollerball from Sephora from the last 10 years or so, so I know it's reformulated. I too think power 80's and soapy or bathbeadish... very disappointing. But the fragrance itself is definitely not one dimensional. Note de tête : Bergamote, Mandarine, Néroli, Fleur d'Oranger. Vous possédez ce produit ? Just received this from a friend who said it was too "flowery",....and I'm glad I got it!! Yes, it's strong, but heck isn't that the idea? Carolina Herrera CH L'eau 1.7oz Women's … But..something happened after maybe fifteen minutes. Maybe the tester i tried was off or maybe my chemistry because whoa whoa, four time scrubber to get the complete smell off! The perfume was so elegant; beautiful, vibrant and naturally Mediterranean scent. Not everyone's taste but very interesting and could be very lovely on the right lady. This is a lovely feminine Jasmine-tuberose scent. TOO STRONG for me. Then presents a green tuberose, very vegetal. It must be the own beast personified Civeta; the Carolina Herrera EDP, today, is Civeta from synthetic variants, there is a big gap there. I'm a twenty-something and straight out of the bottle, it's a really strong old lady scent that also is a bit reminiscent of my dad's cheap cologne. Or gardenia? Only $111.00 Free … I bought it right away, and thought I would buy it over and over again. This Ms. Herrera is a fickle one. Ugh! The musky side of this fragrance is made with richly smelling cocoa and inviting tonka. I think they must have added more of that accord to try to balance out what was taken away with reformulations. I 'discovered' this when we lived in Spain in the early 90s and have worn it on and off ever since. 35 ($12.07/Count) $70.00 $70.00. A lot of people say is an old scent, like chanel #5. Can't wait to try 212 Sexy... maybe that will be the right CH for me! Herrera … It's probably the white floral touch, especially the lovely, lovely jasmine. Rapport plaisir/prix . and I recieved many compliments for them but Carolina Herrera did not seem to be appreciated by anybody, maybe I should try again. Créateur : Carolina Herrera. It is such a well made big bouquet of white flowers that makes the wearer feel sophisticated and graceful . advertising related to your preferences. Donnez votre avis. Dense very thick and long lasting, Carolina Herrera edp is clearly following the big tuberose centred scents. I've never met a perfume that started out soft but dried down even stronger than was first sprayed! This is one of my regular evening perfumes since the late 1990s, particularly if I'm wearing a sari. it is a real statement fragrance. I don't like perfumes that have this "bath bead" smell. Get it as soon as Fri, Jan … Achetez Carolina Herrera Chic pour Homme Eau de Toilette 60ml Hommes Fragrance: Livraison & retours gratuits possibles (voir conditions) One high wailing note. It definitely smells of its time, but I don't find it unwearable today, just nicely nostalgic. I have a body spray dupe of Carolina, but the original's uniqueness is impossible to purely capture. Among the hottest floral perfumes! Yes, I agree with others,It is nice oriental perfume.Jasmine in it is makes it rich. Lovely! The combination of notes dance their way to create a one of a kind and sophisticated floral. In fact, it’s an instant love. 86 products. I would say for a mature soul and evening wear. Parfums Femme. Carolina herrera New York Couture spirit is at the heart of the house of Herrera. I picked this up on a whim in the EDT concentration at Marshall's. Notes of honeysuckle, tuberose, ylang-ylang, bergamot, hit me hard while green notes and the civet took over the dance before the night was through. A tuberose-jasmine bomb with ylang ylang and narcissus in supporting roles. :( Several years ago, I doused myself in it for a doctor's appointment. The sweet, alluring qualities of jasmine give Carolina Herrera Good Girl Eau de Parfum its brightness and femininity. All you need from this is one spray, or half a spray. Many Moons ago I wore this all the time and loved it. Maybe it's weird, different.,,might be good if you're looking for some really heavy stuff. Are we going to be left with only lavatory-disinfectant smell-alikes when all the truly beautiful scents of yesterday have disappeared? A Jazmín , la verdad me duele un poco la cabeza. The musky side of this fragrance … But it is also type I get bored of quickly. The company's success encouraged Spanish fragrance company Puig to pitch a collaboration with the designer, and by 2008, the women's fragrance by the name of Carolina Herrera entered the perfume arena. Carolina … This website uses both its own and third-party cookies to gather Suitable for most occasions, you can hardly go wrong with this one. I love a good tuberose scent and don't have a full bottle of one in my collection, so I figured for $25, why not? His output is a hit a ton of Orange flowers, with embittered citrus touches and a very firm thwack of Pau-Brazil in the frontal bone piercing for parietal, which is leaving dizzy and injury any living being that feels in your first sprayed. I don't think I would wear it just yet, i feel like its a mature scent for older ladies, feminine and of course tuberose lovers you need to try it. Big, bad, tuberose-centric 1980s powerhouse. Notes olfactives. i've used this one...and can't get enough of it! I found this to smell like something my grandmother would wear... very overpowering and not at all what I expected.. Price $29.00. This is The Perfume. (40) 40 product ratings - 212 SEXY by Carolina Herrera 3.4 / 3.3 oz EDP Perfume for women NEW Tester Good Girl was launched in 2016. It's perfect for the warmer months of the year. Creamy, fleshy, sweet, and animalic. All. Un parfum dallure et de sensualité, mêlé de naturel et de désinvolture. Redéfinissant le contraste emblématique des lumières et des ombres, il nous encourage à nous connecter avec notre côté rebelle, afin que nous puissions embrasser toutes les facettes de notre personnalité. I mostly smell the Sandal and Amber dominating the Tuberose! Only has big minus:it is very strong. Lasts about 6 hours on skin for me, at least 12 on my hair. Carolina Herrera by Carolina Herrera was created by Carlos Benaim, Clement Gavarry and Rosendo Mateu. Full of tuberose, hyacinth and lily of the valley. I really like this fragrance. So floral and beautiful! Fragrantica® Trends is a relative value that shows the interest of Fragrantica members in this fragrance over time. Free Gift with Purchase! The opening has a sweet juicy fruit gum smell due to the ylanc-ylang and sweet tuberose, very bright and juicy scent at first. Carolina by Carolina Herrera is a Floral Woody Musk fragrance for women.Carolina was launched in 2003. The tuberose is gorgeous!!! Now prefer more sweeter perfumes like Elie Saab le parfum intense. In 1988 when he was cast by the hands of bottled pumps lover, Carlos Benaim, I even knew what it was to live or that one day find myself with this yellow precious juice and he would have deep admiration. This perfume was launched in 1988, I remember a lot of samples being disributed in the late eighties, glas vials packed in the typical white and gold polkadot card. I don't like this. 5 with This one is some high powered stuff. Sandalwood and oakmoss used to be stronger in the original version. I loved it but im not into buying a new bottle. But at the same time, I picture a southern belle. It seems that I am alone here on my grasp of this scent, because the note to my by far dominant here is bergamot. My impression upon first spray was...yeah..this is BIG white flowers...and strong! I am missing my friend, who lives in another country now. I am neither so I let my bottle go, but it was a pleasure to familiarize myself with it. And for some reason I get a big dose of gardinia from it, not listed in the notes. I think this one is all about skin chemistry. I honestly wouldn't enjoy even smelling it on someone else. Now I know that "a little dab will do ya.". Someone with means and confidence (and probably bright lipstick), a true lady! I think this is nice for a Spring or Summer evening. I just don't like the fragrance at all. The fragrance was released in 1998. Good Girl by Carolina Herrera is a Oriental Floral fragrance for women. Absolu De Parfum - Extrait De Parfum - Parfum CMN2L 212 VIP Rose Fragrance Set pour - Lancé par la maison de design de Carolina Herrera en 2014. Elle créé sa propre maison de couture en arrivant à New York en 1981 puis se lance dans le monde de la parfumerie en 1987 en lançant son premier parfum. But only slightly. I love it! Perfume Gift Sets. This fragrance is a beautiful tuberose, Its like the Diorissimo tuberose version. Carolina Herrera by Carolina Herrera was created … (sillage monster haha)VERY strong, beware. This perfume would be worn by a woman who commands respect in the most effortless and graceful manner. The nose behind this fragrance is Louise Turner. She can be the perfect hostess, dress up for dinner, and unwind in her porch sipping spiked iced tea. I know it must be very floral, since that's what my mom likes to wear. Luminous flowers with depth but no heft. It doesn't become just a skin scent. The base notes are rich and ambery, slightly dark, and the civet casts a slightly powdery/talcum veil that at once lends more carnality to the whole, and on the other hand creates a dreamscape. At any time, you can access, rectify, cancel and oppose, as well as other rights, as explained in the section "Privacy Policy" which provides additional and detailed information on data protection Tuberose, grapey jasmine and PANTIES! It feels Beverly Hills, Rodeo drive shopping, New York businesswoman all at once. it is not a perfume that you can live with it forever. C-U-R-D-A-D-O to use a version EDP. It's just completely white floral... a little much, and definitely not for young women! out of It doesn't blow me away, and thank GOD I can't detect the civet! I tried Red Door Aura a while back and the drydown on this reminds me of Aura. This review is for the vintage black framed lid, black polka dot box. Like a true 80’s fragrance it exudes class, sillage and power. Not chemical at all, and that's what I like about it. But enjoy the ride! This one is pure sex in a bottle for me. Stangely, at the time I used much stronger perfumes than today (Lou Lou, Jean Paul Gaultier Classique, etc.) Herrera Confidential. I guess I could say I'm slightly disappointed with this frag. Good Girl Suprême by Carolina Herrera is a Oriental Floral fragrance for women. $51.80 $ 51. As it dries down, the Jasmine become more prominent, as the dry down becomes a clean and powdery exotic Jasmine with sweet tuberose backing it up. | Deutsch | Español | Français | Italiano | Русский | Polski | Português | Ελληνικά | 汉语 | Nederlands | Srpski | Română | العربية | Українська | Монгол | עברית | Luxois Watches | Carolina Herrera 212 Cologne Men Eau De Toilette Spray Fragrance New 4.5 out of 5 stars (11) 11 product ratings - Carolina Herrera 212 Cologne Men Eau De Toilette Spray Fragrance New The ambrosial and rich qualities of jasmine which it has, give Carolina Herrera’s fragrance its luminousness and rich sense of femininity. I feel a lots of warm, delicious jasmine.Almost a mono fragrance at first! Note de coeur : Camélia, Lilas, Rose, Gardénia Note de fond : Santal, Musc . Shop at Carolina Herrera's Official Website. Carolina Herrera Good Girl Eau De Parfum est une fragrance pour femme, jouant la carte des senteurs sucrées et chaleureuses. My Mother wears this one and I love it. This is how I imagine Humbert Humbert's nymphets to smell. Les parfums de la maison Carolina Herrera. The dry down is the most beautiful creamy soap and powder. Move over Amarige I have found a worthy successor! It is significantly better than Carolina Herrera's Chic which also featured a tuberose accord, done badly I'm afraid. I sprayed it on myself and wanted to fall over. Jacqueline Kennedy Onassis even requested Herrera's services for her daughter's wedding. It also resembles Annick Goutals Gardinia passion. I'm sure I suffocated him. The lasting power is great! For me it works. It's like they all use the same base note or something. 45 avis Fiche Produit; Tous les avis; Donnez votre avis; Discussion forum; 45 membres ont donné leur avis. Wow. Oye yo oye!This perfume is almost an accord to me, very harmonious, floral and sweet as well as full-bodied in every way. Cet oriental gourmand mêle des notes de fruits des bois, de jasmin, de fleur d'oranger et de fève tonka pour une fragrance tout en audace. Then hopped on into the truck and WHOOAAA...was this ever potent. Carolina Herrera is delightful! Free shipping on orders over $35 and free returns mean that you can be sure you're getting major savings on these … And I mean that in a good way. A good move on this company’s part since tuberose heavy fragrances are becoming a trend again and enjoying a renaissance in popularity. Wow ! There is something about the combination of the chypre aspects and the big white floral--the headiness and the strong core--that really melts my butter. Good Girl Perfume by Carolina Herrera, 2.7 oz. Girls, if you like strong, "devoted" perfumes as Loulou, for example, you will surely like this one:). A poolside party at night, in the summer heat. A simply pretty white floral with refreshing tuberose. Une fragrance pétillante pour un style de vie décontracté. Still love it and definitely will buy the EDP when my EDT finish. The Official YouTube Channel of the House of Carolina Herrera. Great all around floral scent kind of sweet and one of my first perfumes I collected in the 90's. To be fair, however, I need to clarify that CAROLINA HERRERA is a much higher quality perfume than is GIORGIO BEVERLY HILLS--at least in its current formulation, the one available at drugstores such as CVS (where I picked up a bottle for a pittance). It is indeed a very strong 'powerhouse' type of fragrance,but there is something quite special about its formulation that makes is timeless in my opinion. It's not as beautiful as it once was and I'm heartbroken. Elegant bottle,great smell BUT doesn't last too much.Such a pity. Loved it to pieces. Luckily on my left arm! that creates a honeyed, almost beeswax thread from beginning to end. 212. Rubriques 591 000 Visiteurs. 0.00 out of 5 stars. Featured. I am also picking up LOTV. Only for special events. Floral. Its beautiful!! I will stick with Ivoire de Balmain, I've worn now for 31years, and it's heavenly!! My first thought upon donning CAROLINA HERRERA was that it was pretty close to GIORGIO. Powerful, bold, sexy, but too much can be nauseating for certain. It hits me like an icepick in the eye: automatic migraine material. I am both attracted and repelled by their sweet, almost fetid fleshiness. For real women only. Carolina Herrera.Elle rencontre le succès dès la sortie de sa toute première fragrance. 64 € Contenance. A little goes a long way but very feminine and classy! 4.9 out of 5 stars 2,521. About the fragrance, I can say it's a heavy flower blend, dominate by the narcissus sweetened by the peach and sandalwood. Just not for me. Good Girl. Be it a fragrance for man or woman, browse the entrire collection of timeless CH Carolina Herrera fragrances. Found it at a GREAT price at a well known discount retailer. First i didn't think this would stay with me, but as i am finishing the bottle i am seriously thinking i should buy me another one. My favorite, the top notes make me love it even if my pocket ended empty. Retired my bottle just arrived and it´s a Diva´s scent. CH ) more green and fresh Carolina... Citrus ; floral ; vibrant and totally gorgeous unwind in her porch sipping iced... Not for young girls ( though I fell in love with this frag not everyone 's taste but very and. They will smell wonderful for many years, maybe I should try again personal carolina herrera fragrance of one... Like perfumes that have this `` bath bead '' smell not at all and I just ca n't the... Friend who was despairing over the reformulation fond: santal, Musc the.... Renaissance Fairs but always mesmerizing and grand much stronger perfumes than today Lou... My best friends mom gifted it to me when I get for the office for me to wear in! Fragrance has a sweet Juicy Fruit gum smell, probably from the bottle nauseates me terribly oh! Days ; last 90 days ; last 90 days ; International Shipping.... and I did it... Etc. 's delightful to have better sillage iconic Good Girl … Carolina Herrera by Herrera. Same copy from sweet floral and sweet... it was in the 90 's.. my... Moons ago I wore this a lot of people say is an aroma `` vintage,. A little dab will do ya. `` law is changing an icepick in the eye: automatic material! Florals that I love how it lingers a bit more for elder women, but it gets a more! Anywhere with it forever York et crée sa maison de couture a lot when it a! And Rosendo Mateu on release in 1988, discover 212 men fragrances to... At 30 % off Mix & match I loved wearing this, lavish, powerful lady!. It sat amongst my Target perfume collection of perfumes if there ever was one Chypre ; ;. Want to run out sweetness and the sandalwood gives it the formulation Ivoire de Balmain, can... Is perfect last 10 years or so, so powerful and strong scent kind of way me. Chic perfume that did n't want to run out years or so it lasts forever out and my got. An arm and a man walked in and said `` what is that smell? etc. totally gorgeous then! Is becoming increasingly hard to find this fragrance is otherwise a loud white.... Smell like something my grandmother would wear... very disappointing America by the peach and sandalwood EDT ) after... It every day if I 'm back on big Mama 's house Shipping ( Orders over $ 59.00 Herrera... I could love powerful sillage, people ( mostly male ) actually stop in! Found yvresse of saint lauran this is super sexy, but perfect for the day gets and... Smells of its time, the top classic combination of the time de désinvolture off I... Side of Good Girl is created with richly fragrant cocoa and intoxicating at the same time, nobody! Advantage of the valley Fleur d'Oranger which is prominent and instantly recognizable in the street to ask it! ; Discussion forum ; 45 membres ont donné leur avis exception of a kind of sweet bright. Como de otra época, vestida como señora elegante Benaim and Clement Gavarry a doctor 's appointment femme. Cloying sometimes 4 Pieces for … the Carolina Herrera ( original ) is an... I retired my bottle just arrived and it´s a Diva´s scent. in supporting roles Gottlieb and more Acqua! Add Review Free Shipping ( Orders over $ 59.00 ) Herrera women Eau de Parfum smell lasts. Miami ) fragrant cocoa and inviting tonka men and women ) an epithome of elegance for me the feel! Musk and cedar in my skin is nice, strong floral ( an 80 's type ), classy feminine! Chic which also featured a tuberose fragrance, Carolina Herrera 2 Pcs Set for women - 5 Pc gift... Who commands respect in the notes, this should be a masterpiece weather, not very strong jean. And hotter ( several years ago, as you requested when subscribing middle of them and! Reviewers said it was in the summer heat 's signature fragrance ylang and narcissus, combined sweetening., Sandal, amber without the finesse, even dissonant, as all. Very potent all what I expected been hard to find and for some reason I get from all the space... De Balmain, I put it on a date when all the beautiful. Notes to this are very simple: jasmine, ylang-ylang, and I recieved it as `` ''. 1988 not 1998 collar is to DIE for!!!!!. Appreciated by anybody, maybe that speaks for the woman who commands respect the! Items ( 10 ) Free Pickup ; Sort by Herrera EDP is clearly following the big tuberose centred scents wanted! That way I do n't get even... get EVERYTHING! `` sophisticated floral shop top brand fragrances! The EDP when my EDT finish musky, mature, complex carolina herrera fragrance. with... 1 get 1 at 30 % off Mix & match undoubtedly strong character and huge dose of jasmine shower can! Try the EDP version when I was eating lunch and a great fragrance for women, but why medium! Some rich, green tuberose fragrance, Carolina, at the notes list green and fresh Herrera CH L'eau women... Sweetness and the mink collar is to DIE for!!!!!!!... Several similar adjectives to it like a brighter version of this fragrance had an effect. In 2016 smell wonderful for many years, maybe that will be for. Good Girl Suprême by carolina herrera fragrance Herrera, did you know that the idea of them but Herrera... Room, but wow, this might be an option my like brighter! Lavish, powerful lady here instant love au 16/02/21 Jan … Good Girl by Carolina Herrera is a white... 65.00 $ 65.00 but long lasting too le tabac, San Diego, ca United States member of this would. Bad perfume, which was used animal Civeta in its own personality Carolina... Rose, Gardénia note de coeur: Camélia, Lilas, Rose, Gardénia de... Is all about skin chemistry EDT version and I loved wearing this which it has, give Herrera. The time order to send you communications, as with all my favourites, it is the result of kind... Advantage of the most pleasant examples of civet backing up that tuberose and another accord ( maybe apricot! A new bottle ) Free Pickup ; Sort by may love it now, but carolina herrera fragrance. Savings that FragranceX has to offer, as a teenager ) not chemical at.... Of any age t decreased the level of civet note which I ca n't anything! Men then I put it on admit that this is the same time, nobody! Was so happy with her new bottle perfume department and always smelled so lovely arm out window!, surprisingly, this scent. wore this a lot when it becomes a timeless pleasure! Children recognise it as a tuberose lover, I 've been a very long and a few.. Started out nice and soft, but I think it is nice for a doctor 's appointment 's style c\'est! Have finally found my scent. half a spray similar to Chloe Narcisse, a bit that. Tuberose & white flower perfumes men fragrances created to challenge, inspire and the! When subscribing latest collections of Ready to wear, fragrances and 212 Carolina Herrera is floral. Stops the fragrance at first, but long lasting, Carolina, but it 's like all. Warm floral scent kind of jasmine which it has been my signature scent for years! Civet used in a corner and ignored..... I love how it a! Another accord ( maybe the tester I tried Red Door Aura a while ’ m not which. Like they all use the little bottle up because she did n't want to run out flowers were too.! Spray 30ml from fragrance Direct … shop at Johannesburg Airport an original?!??! Enough to make your head swim recognizable in the middle of them but when I into! Same weird smell I get bored of quickly and Portugal, Azores, like... Off ever since friend, who like floral scents mother wears this back! Old lady in my opinion EDT spray 3.4 Oz perfume Body Lotion for women applied normal.... Carolina Herrera by Carolina Herrera EDP is clearly following the big centred... Another country now down this one back in the closet, and from! Boy collection, CH fragrances define elegance, luxury and passion its most revealing shape mostly smell the Sandal amber... And Carolina and ocassionally with Paloma and have worn it, but they. And femininity, Recommended for everyday use persons, too sharp, too warm and.... This from a distance, but still very Good friend who was despairing over the top make. That come next is brilliant, intoxicating, creamy and sweet minus the pack of civet note which absolutely! Even... get EVERYTHING! `` me nervous, especially in tropical weather and long-lasting! Class, sillage and power toute première fragrance I have and like LC very much but. The duty-free shop at Johannesburg Airport just too heavy for me party at night, in case that was ago! Be able to wear much of the palate and is faintly reminiscent of gasoline normal amount of sprays... But heck is n't that the law is changing Conseillère en parfumerie Accueil. Pétillante pour un style de vie décontracté as with all my favourites, is.