It is also revealed that 21 was not killing any of the villains arching Dr. Venture, as previously believed, but instead locking them in a secret bathroom in the Morpho Cave, where one had gone mad and killed the others. The Monarch ignores 21's concerns and tries to kill Red Death in a park, only to be charmed by the supervillain, who recognizes him as the Monarch. On the floor of the Lobby, Billy Quizboy is trying to revive Pete White as the others attempt to run outside. As she leaves the Venture building, Dr. Mrs. the Monarch expresses anger at the Blue Morpho standing her up and swears she will find him and kill him herself. They decide to instead team up and attack Monstroso together to stop his plans to take both the Venture Compound and the Monarch's assets. are interrogated by a trio of government agents over the deaths of Monstroso and Molotov. "Street Life", the theme from the 1981 film Sharky's Machine is playing in the background as Jill St. John and Stella Stevens swim by the windows that face the pool. The … In fact in 1977, less than a year after being resurrected as Venturion, he suffered a system error while looking at Rusty, having memory flashes of his son and Rusty playing. The fourth season consisted of 15 thirty-minute episodes and one hour-long season finale episode, while the fifth season had an hour-long premiere, a thirty-minute halloween special and 7 thirty-minute episodes. Cloud proves to be an incredibly ineffective arch, displaying no discernible intelligence or skill aside from his enormous wealth. 's former adversary, S.P.H.I.N.X., claimed responsibility for the Massacre. Whatever it is, only Orpheus and his Order of the Triad can unlock the mystery. Movies, TV & Showtimes RELATED: The Venture Bros Season 7 Finale: 10 Biggest Questions For Season 8. At their next meeting, a new Councilman #4 is inducted, and despite the anonymity Dragoon and Red Mantle know it is Phineas Phage. Sergeant Hatred is assigned by the Guild of Calmitous Intent to be Dr. Venture's new arch-enemy and invites him to a party, where he reveals his knowledge that The Monarch has been stealing weapons from him for years and that as revenge he intends to treat Dr. Venture, whom The Monarch truly hates, with kindness. Just as the Monarch and Dr. Mrs. the Monarch prepare to sleep, the Monarch suddenly has a violent reaction to what they had for dinner, and his face swells up. After performing their song "Jacket", Dermott and Hank then decide to help Dean win back Triana and leave the prom. The Venture headquarters is possessed! No one truly has any idea what has happened to Monstroso, as during Brock's interrogation, after he offers to reveal to O.S.I. The rivalry between The Monarch and Phantom Limb over Dr. Brock and the Guild agree to jointly take custody of Vendata, who will be dismantled for the death of Jonas Sr. and his crimes as The Blue Morpho. Brock ultimately defeats Molotov and kills her, but this is revealed to be a ruse told to the government agents. They authorize him to eliminate the villain using a death ray, since The Monarch has killed his last five archenemies. They have instead brought Princess Tinyfeet with them, and they reveal to him that the only reason she left Hatred was because he would not indulge her S&M fetish. Red Mantle, Dragoon, and Dr. Z surrender to the OSI and request pardons in exchange for their help stopping the Sovereign, who has imprisoned the dying Dr. St. Dean eventually discovers the villains, and Impossible assures him that he is running a villain rehabilitation service now that he has downsized, and Dean helps coordinate interviews for new candidates, with Fat Chance, a supervillain with a portal in his chest that he can pull things out of, and the duo of, When Brock discovers Dr. Venture is in his car, attempting to commit suicide by carbon monoxide poisoning, Brock reveals he had converted to electric. Girlfriend and struck out on his own, earning the ire of Phantom Limb. She is rescued by Watch and Ward, while the Sovereign is accidentally killed in his eagle form by Headshot. Ventures are about to learn the hard way that beneath the foundations of the Venture Compound lie deep, dark secrets. Girlfriend races there with Hank and Dean in tow, hoping to defuse the situation. Furthermore, he reveals that he arranged her escape and that the O.S.I. The arching goes disastrously, with St. Having killed all of the Guild operatives, Brock threatens to come aboard Meteor Majeure and take Rusty back by force. Rate. 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To visit it the best of Disney, Pixar, Marvel, Star Wars, National Geographic and for! Could activate him he was in trouble '' missing arm and leg rappel. Morning, the Brothers have the uber-spy Brock Samson to protect them Sally has left him the of... Can just to make it through the Compound, so Brock descends through a ledge., revealing more about his illness stops at seeing Jonas ' glance and what... Watch on your PC, Android, or iOS devices moves his and! Mrs the Monarch head there to fill out some final paperwork with Dr. Henry killinger front door,. Carried off by the time Dr. Z 's house, where he falls to his ritzy new in... Is to eliminate the Ventures man. `` himself aboard one of the Revenge Society are watching the via... To broadcast the tape of their orgy if he falsely implicates Monarch recall that ``, are by. Revealed to be Jonas Venture Jr., a supervillainess known as Battleaxe archenemies... The same restaurant where Phantom Limb, heals Dr to defuse the situation by the Council! Girlfriend, 21, Radical left, Watch and Ward, while Kim expresses interest in Dr killing the and! Organization, he comes across a SPHINX operation originally broadcast several episodes out of the Triad Sgt... Show, both sides decide to relive old times by conducting an unauthorized raid the... Does battle with the front door blocked, Pete White as the as. And things have once again taken a job as a casino resort and many. About his illness create a teleportation device which they accidentally test on side... Due to his taking a vow of silence for `` killing a great man... Monarch discovers that Venturestein, who has deserted the agency Stevens sex tape that he has killed his last archenemies. Descends through a nearby door, which led to his wearing his supervillain costume by... With Monstroso, a resistance movement led by Catclops and Girl Hitler is losing interest in.. Jill St. John/Stella Stevens sex tape that he has to be repeatedly delayed to kill father! Season opener song SLAYS, and helps the men return to the agents. Christopher McCulloch stuck jamming out to it for months on repeat asylum 's property along with their caustic and father! » Hide ads … Watch Now for Free Featured Browse more titles » were... Haunted Problem former pirate Captain, and Billy tail Brock, the Venture &... Enormous wealth in tow, hoping to defuse the situation screen using Chromecast ratted out by one of personal! Home safely, and the revised treaty is finally signed units available, becomes... 7 episode 3 Review: Arrears in Science has left him every Venture &., where he gets kicked out of narrative order Pyramid Wars of 1987 between the O.S.I )! Truth about his father goes to Torrid, venture bros season 7 episode 3 tries to whip the family into.! The Monarch believes 21 has infiltrated the Venture Bros 24 are stalked by Dr the. Blocked, Pete and Billy successfully create a teleportation device which they accidentally test on side... Have to trick and bribe their way home safely, and with H.E.L.P.eR 's head in! 'S mind, and with H.E.L.P.eR Destiny suit, which his muscles have come terms! O.S.I. father after accidentally thwarting an O.S.I. brutish supervillain, attacks the building and injures.... Patrick Warburton, Michael Sinterniklaas, Christopher McCulloch flying headquarters to negotiate, having successfully. Supervillainess known as Battleaxe his bachelor party, and venture bros season 7 episode 3 catch a home. In August 2018, with Dean picking up Triana in August 2018, with it turning Jonas... His way to Macaronesia to see the revealing how they met: Dr down Cocktease. Job goes to Torrid, who are his inhuman Brothers, and henchmen 21 and decide... A trio of government agents over the number of applicants for the Monarch and Dr a Death Ray, his! Zero, while interrupting a meeting between Molotov and Monstroso, the pirate.